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Three Weeks Course

The Three Weeks In-Class Course

Asian College of Teachers is identified as the pioneer in TEFL course training and globally accredited teachers training organization. The TEFL/TESOL Certificate provided by Asian College of Teachers is accepted across a whole gamut of institutions and organizations. The Special Thai Project - TEFL Certification is a winning combination of an intensive 120 hrs in class TEFL Course followed by 4-5 months of teaching English in Thailand. This fascinating dual package of TESOL program and short term jobs promises to pamper your travelling needs and passion for teaching.

Essential Requirements

All native and non-native speakers with near-native fluency stand eligible to enrol in Special Thai Project. Native or Non-Native with Degree of up to 52 years of age and Native without Degree below 40 years of age are eligible to apply. Non-native speakers with a bachelor’s degree (in any field) and some work experience can opt for the course.

Program Details

This winning combination of an intensive 120 Hours in class TESOL Certification program is followed by 4-5 months of ESL job program. This international level of TESOL training implants within the prospective ESL teachers, all the fundamental TEFL techniques. The real time classroom teaching on the other hand unfolds Thailand for you in its vivid Asiatic colors.

Enrolling in the Special Thai Project will enable you to attend special orientations of Thai culture and language, and explore exotic Thai cities in an exhaustive way. Asian College of Teachers will provide you with free accommodation at the destination throughout the entire duration of the course. What’s more, you can enroll for the STP program for a highly attractive special price, and even the salaries are highly lucrative. What better way to explore the wonderful island nation of Thailand? The experience will also work as a great beginning in boosting your career as an ESL teacher at a global level.


The TESOL Course is followed by guaranteed ESL job for 4-5 months in an exotic Thai location. The ESL teaching in Thailand involves maximum of 24 classes per week involving 20-22 hours of teaching; not repeating a single class twice in a week. The duration of a class is usually 50-60 minutes, depending on the school.

Though it’s for limited number of hours of practice teaching but this specially rated yet globally recognized TESOL program gives a chance to immerse you in the exotic and exciting platter that Thailand offers through its language, its enticing range of food, motley mix of culture and history spread across the breathtakingly beautiful yet surprisingly assorted regions of Thailand.

You pay a very affordable fee of 850USD/ 680GBP (without accommodation) and 1099USD/ 880GBP (with accommodation) for an International TESOL course in Bangkok and in return earn an attractive salary of up to 30,000 THB per month with free accommodation by the virtue of the offer for immediate TEFL Job in Thailand provided to TESOL certified teachers, now equipped to rule the world of ESL teaching.

Dates and Fees

The course dates for 2018 are as follows –

19th Feb - 9th Mar
9th Apr - 27th Apr
11th Jun - 29th Jun
13th Aug - 31st Aug
8th Oct - 26th Oct
12th Nov - 30th Nov

The candidates can opt for a course fee of 950 USD/880 GBP (without accommodation).


The 3 weeks training is conducted in a 3 star hotel in Bangkok (JL Bangkok) where you are stationed during your training days. It has all the best possible services to meet up your needs and give a comfortable stay during your training days.   Read More

Visa Rules

Teaching in Thailand is a revered profession and the teachers are looked up to with immense respect. And at par with this honor it is recommended to embark upon a legal hassle free teaching career with an appropriate visa and a fitting work permit. Read More



  • TEFL TestimonialsMy experience was amazing, challenging, fulfilling and rewarding in every way. I am so happy I took the course with ACT. I believe I have met people I will continue to travel and experience new things with, and I am so excited to start teaching and begin impacting lives!

    lisa ruderman - Placed in Kasintorn St Peter, Nonthaburi

  • TEFL TestimonialsI heard great things about this TESOL course from 4 different people who went through it last year. I have always wanted to travel and teach, so this program was perfect for me.

    Avery Anderson -Placed in Plengprasit sailom school-BKK

  • TEFL TestimonialsAfter looking at other programs in Thailand, I found ACT was offering the lowest price. Also, Kiersten and I came together and her friends had previously done the ACT program and they had nothing but good things to say about the program.

    Blaine Sheldon -Placed in Rajprachasamasai School Under The Royal Patronage Of His Majesty The King-Samutprakarn

  • TEFL TestimonialsThe ACT program seemed to be a great way to receive hands on training. It was a great learning experience. Sangeeta and Pak did a great job throughout and I was continually impressed with them and how professional the company was.

    Peter Gorgui -Placed in Kehabangpli School-Samutprakarn

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