How Much Money Can I Make Teaching English Online?

 23rd December 2021

In order to become an ESL teacher in a high-quality ESL company, you must have a TEFL/TESOL certificate. An advanced or Diploma TEFL program will give you an edge and rank you higher than other candidates. Just like every other company requires a bit of experience, many reputed ESL companies prefer candidates having prior teaching experience so that they are aware of the exact teaching methodology. ...

Written By : Aisha Fazura

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A Tale Of Becoming An ELT In The Philippines

 3rd December 2021

In general, the economic status of the Philippines is quite low, consequently, the majority of the population travels abroad to earn more money leaving behind their family over a long period. The salary being paid to the employees who work in the Philippines is relatively low. ...

Written By : Park Jin Ae

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