Special Thai Project in Bangkok - Overview

Bangkok is one of the most favored places in Thailand to get your TEFL certification as a part of the STP Project. The reason is that Bangkok is highly diverse with people from all over Thailand and other parts of Asia also accumulating here for business purposes. As a result, the exposure that you will get while pursuing the Special Thai Project in Bangkok is unmatched elsewhere in the country.

Our Program

Step 1: Internationally Accredited Online TEFL Course of 60 hrs
Step 2: 2 weeks TEFL Course in Bangkok (In class full time)
Step 3: You will have to start teaching in a school of Thailand in November.

Why should you do STP?

Many people complete a Teacher Training Course but then spend a couple of months applying for a TEFL job in Thailand, going for interviews, getting paper work organized in trying to get a job. But once you have enrolled in the STP program, all you have to do is plan for your trip, buy your ticket and the rest is our headache.


5th October 2013

Course Fees is US$ 799 which includes

  1. 120 hours International TEFL Certificate ( 60 hours Online TEFL Program +60 hours 2 weeks TEFL Course in Bangkok)

  2. Teaching internship of 4-5 months

  3. Accommodation cost for this entire period is also inclusive.

TEFL Program

  1. The TESOL Certificate Program starts sharp at 9 AM on 5th October.
  2. The program is normally conducted Monday to Friday, but additional classes may be organized on 1 or 2 Saturdays also.
  3. There will be a THAI CULTURAL TRAINING COURSE. This Orientation is immensely important for Teachers. We conduct this course for all our participants free of cost.


  1. Native English speakers (i.e., passport holders of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland) with a degree are eligible to join this special program of American TESOL Institute.
  2. Teachers in the age group 21-45 years are eligible for this program.
If you are passionate about teaching and adventurous in spirit, please apply today.


  1. We provide accommodation to all the candidates in reputed hotel in Bangkok. Shared accommodation is provided to the candidates free of cost.
  2. Accommodation is also provided by the school during 5 months of teaching internship.
  3. Accommodation in Bangkok is available from 12 noon one day before the TEFL Course start date. Teachers landing before that must arrange for their own accommodation.

School Details

  1. We provide placement in both private and government schools of Thailand.
  2. The age group of students is 5-18 years.
  3. The school timing is usually from 7.30 a.m. 4.30 p.m. on weekdays
  4. Teachers would need to teach for 18-24 hours per week.

We assist

  1. You will be assisted with Visa
  2. Insurance
  3. Work permit by the school

Job and Salary

Teachers can earn a salary of 1000$ per month approximately during the 5 months of teaching internship. The other attractive benefit is that they will be given free accommodation during the internship months. Teachers are usually placed in Bangkok or North- Eastern part of Thailand. Along with the free accommodation, work permit, visa and insurance is also provided by the employer.

Terms and Conditions

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Nicholas Robert La Port

I joined the program because of the price. All other course seemed so expensive; this course seemed like a great deal. Also the initial communication was consistent and clear. The job placement seemed promising too.


A great location to be not too loud yet lively enough to have things to do. Also a great neighborhood to be in.